?状況が変化しているようで、現在(2012年1月30日現在)もPMMSは更新を続けております。単純にこういう事があった、という意味でのみこのエントリを残しております。ご注意下さい。(2012-01-30 cutnipper) 何か御座いましたらtwitterの@cutnipperへどうぞ。二年近く放置しまして申しわけありませんでした。

ミリタリー、というかAFV系のニュースサイトとしては抜群の更新頻度と諸々のカバー範囲の広さで我々のようなモデラーの強い見方であった豪州のウェブサイトPerth Military Modeling Site(PMMS)が更新を停止するそうで。いやはやなんとも残念。


It is with some regret I have to announce that due to personal issues there will be no further updates to this site. It will remain online for the time being as it is now for reference purposes apart from the New Kit News for obvious reasons.
I won’t go into the details other than to say that for various reasons I don’t have the same enjoyment or desire in doing what I do as before and after 13 years I’m just so tied and it’s time for a rest.
I want to again thank people for the support shown over the years and particularly during some unfortunate recent events, and especially to the site sponsors for their ongoing support and would ask modellers to support those vendors when possible.
The hobby has never been in better shape with an unprecedented number of innovative new releases announced for the future from an ever growing number of companies both big and small.
I won’t be leaving the hobby and one doesn’t know what the future holds, but please don’t read anything into that as far the PMMS site goes. I’ll simply slip back into the faceless throng of modeller’s that make up the majority of the modelling communities around the World.
I have a few reviews currently been worked on which I will add over the coming days but after that it’s all over bar the memories, thanks for the ride.
All the best.
Terry A








Terry A」